I have been exercising since I was five years old, when my mother signed me up to the local swimming team. As years went by I also started to develop my own interests in the health and fitness world: I wanted to know what made people strong, fast, or be able to run really long distances. I also wanted to know what made some people look incredible well. In a nutshell, I wanted to know what made people be able to do great things and I wanted to learn to do them myself. The answer that I found is that all these great things can be achieved with consistent work in the right direction.

My reason for wanting to be a part of the Tone Fitness Team is to help people achieve their fitness goals. I know it feels great to see yourself being able to do things that you always wanted to (whether running 10 km, doing 10 pullups or simply choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift each day!) and my goal as a coach is help you to get there. It is never too late to get your physicality back. It has always been with you since you were a child and your body wants it back, and will want it back forever.

You will be amazed at how grateful your body is if you start to give it the right food and work it really hard (even if it says, “no thanks, I would rather do something else today”). Surely, your body (and your mind) will thank you for all that before you think and your efforts will be rewarded. See you on the gym floor.


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