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Tone Fitness

Proudly Serving The Poole, Broadstone And Wimbourne Areas!

Our simple mission is to change the health, fitness and lives of 200 people of Poole and to ensure they form longterm habits that stick. #change200 Tone Fitness offers a private facility with a community atmosphere that caters to those looking for Body Transformations or Personal Training in Poole. Our members love the support, encouragement and motivation provided at Tone Fitness in Poole in our friendly, family environment. We are changing lives and habits while making it fun. If you are ready for change, the Personal Training and Fitness classes in Poole can make it happen!

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Personal Responsibility

We firmly believe our members' commitment to their program is vital to success - we simply don't entertain just another fitness investment that didn't work out. From here we challenge you to make you the best version of your self.



The definition of integrity is a personal choice to uphold one's self to a certain set of standards. Bottom line we are good for our word, we do what we say we will do by when we say we will. Just show up and follow our guidance.


Over Deliver

You will get our best, a considerably high standard in every area. Our can do attitude will inspire you to get things done that you have struggled with in the past.


Constant Forward Movement

Every small step will take you close to your goal. Small changes add up!



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Semi Private Training

This programme was developed especially for those that want to receive the benefits from personalised, tailored plans whilst still enjoying the support of like-minded individuals in a friendly environment.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Tone Fitness Beyond Nutrition in Poole - Tone Fitness

Beyond Nutrition

We provide sustainable nutrition that will get results, make you healthier, and feel more energetic for the long term.

Tone Fitness Semi Private Training in Poole - Tone Fitness

Semi Private Training

The perfect match of individual attention and group camaraderie.

Tone Fitness Accountability in Poole - Tone Fitness


To keep you on course until you reach your destination

Tone Fitness Lifestyle in Poole - Tone Fitness


We provide the environment for change that will form habits that stick. Once you combine nutrition, quality training, accountability and results. You will be living a new lifestyle and it will feel great. Just ask our members!

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Semi Private Training in Poole - Tone Fitness

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